Cat Nicknames

An overview of our research subject:
Claude has a steady and ever growing collection of nicknames (over 160 at last count). He manages to add at least one new nickname per month. The majority are related to either his eating habits (an example of this kind of nickname would be "Oinker Boinker") or his sleeping habits (an example of this kind of nickname would be "Coma Kitty").

Continuing our unscientific, informal and always lighthearted research into general cat behavior, Claude and I would like to know the following about your cat's nicknames (Note: If your browser does not support form submission you can email your information to Claude).

It's OK not to answer all of our questions. We have never adhered to strict scientific
method here.


 Cat/s name? 
  Cat's age? 
Cat's email? 
  Cat's sex? 
Cat's breed? 
Or cat type? 

              How many active nicknames does 
              your cat currently have? 

              How many total nicknames has your cat 
              collected during it's life? 

              When addressing your cat, do you most often use 
              the cat's given name or one of its nicknames? 

              Which of the below is most likely to get 
              your cat's attention? 

              What most often triggers the creation 
              of a new nickname for your cat?

              On average, how long does a typical nickname last?

              Please list your cat's top 5 nicknames:
              (in order of preference)

  Any other information related or unrelated to the research topic
  can be typed below (no limit).   


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